About Barn Luck

Barn Luck is all about soul, passion and lifestyle.

We are continually out exploring to find the most beloved and classic bikes to restore, unknown crossroads to ride, and inspiration to create our apparel line. Barn Luck’s cafe racer style motorcycles, adventure trips and apparel all encapsulate the creative, rebellious, and unique spirit each of us craves to unleash.

We have a line of cafe racers that are already built, tested on GP tracks to exceed high performance levels, yet are perfect for cruising around the city. The Barn Luck Crew is also ready to work with you to build the cafe racer of your dreams; from design, to performance and to the mechanics, together we will craft your next cafe racer from beginning to end - ensuring you have your true soul companion.

When we created our men's and women's apparel lines we had comfort, cool-ruggedness, and a vintage spirit in mind to give your closet the true street creds it deserves. From T's, to leather bracelets, vintage belt buckles, and satchel bags you can take with you for the ride, we've put the Barn Luck spirit into every product: from A to Z.


Dominik Goertz

President & Founder

After spending years creating a successful real estate business, Dominik realized that wasn’t enough and something was amiss. He decided to go back to his roots and back to his passion- motorcycles, racing, and the freedom riding brings. Having grown up in Germany, a country without speed limits, your perspective tends to center on what you can do, rather than what you can’t. Dominik has brought this philosophy full force into the Barn and teamed up with racing champ Rudy Schachinger to create the Barn Luck Brand.

Rudy Schachinger

Chief Engineer & Founder

For over the past 40 years, Rudy has dedicated his life to restoring, racing and mastering the art of engineering. His passion for the sport and machinery paved the road for his advanced degree in engineering in his home country of Austria. He surrounded himself with motorcycles, cars, and parts that filled a barn his entire life. His love for adventure and speed brought near death experiences, but they only propelled him forward, realizing life is too precious not to do what you love most.

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